December 8, 2014

BSP: The Ninety-Ninth Bride

“When the Sultan has arrived and is at ease, ask that I tell you a story. Do you like stories?”
Dunya is just fifteen years of age when her father, the Grand Vizier, gives her over to the mad Sultan for his bride. Ninety-eight Sultanas before Dunya have been executed, slaughtered at the break of dawn following their first night with their new husband. But on her own wedding night, the ninety-ninth bride finds help from the mysterious and beautiful Zahra, who proposes to tell the Sultan a story…
I'm pleased to present the closing stitch in The Book Smugglers' collective weave of subversive fairy tales.
The Ninety-Ninth Bride, a powerful debut by Catherine F. King, seamlessly blends the lore and themes found in the Arabic anthology, The Tales of One Thousand and One Nights
Working alongside The Book Smugglers, as well as a talented roster of upcoming authors, has been a genuine treat. I wish them all the best in their print and publication ventures. 
Purchase of the e-book is available here.

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