October 13, 2014

BSP: In Her Head, In Her Eyes

Trills of silver, quiver of gold.
Pot Head, they called her. Heavy-head, they teased her. In a noble house of dye masters, Island-born Hase is an outcast, ridiculed by her fellow servants and employers – all because of the smooth, reflective sphere that covers her head. Little does the household know that Hase has a mission and a purpose, carried behind her pot-covered head, in her impenetrable eyes.
This is my first cover illustration and the second installment of The Book Smugglers Fall 2014 lineup of subversive fairy tales. In Her Head, In Her Eyes is a dark, subtle retelling of the Japanese tale “Hachikaduki” (translated as “A Girl with a Bowl on her Head“), written and reinvented by the talented Yukimi Ogawa. 
The e-book is available for early purchase here.

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