October 27, 2014

BSP: Mrs. Yaga

“All he has to do is bypass the gatekeeper of the thrice-tenth kingdom and bring me a fern flower, a dragon’s heart, and a rusałka’s lock of hair. Easy.”
On the outskirts of a quiet Canadian town, in a cabin perched on chicken feet and surrounded by a fence of skulls, live Baba Yaga and her ward, Aurelia. Young Aurelia yearns for romance, for adventure, for freedom from her baba—but every one of Aurelia’s suitors so far has failed Mrs. Yaga’s three simple tasks. When her last—and favourite—date disappears, Aurelia must decide to continue her daydreams of freedom, or embark on an adventure of her own.
Here's presenting the third installment in The Book Smugglers Fall 2014 lineup of subversive fairy tales, Mrs. Yaga.
Mrs. Yaga is a modern take on an old Slavic folktale, beautifully and playfully retold by Michal Wojcik
Early purchase is available on The Book Smugglers website.

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